Sunday, 1 April 2007

Fri, 16 March

Studio Photographs

Thu, 15 March

Review of Nick Cohen's " What's Left "
A new review by Oliver Kamm of Nick Cohen's excellent book


Thu, 15 March

Thu, 15 March

Thu, 15 March

Studio Photographs

Sun, 11 March

mood music
"They knew they were being lied to, but if lies were consistent enough they defined themselves as a credible alternative to the truth. Emotion ruled almost everything, and lies were driven by emotions that were familiar and supportive, while the truth came with hard edges that cut and bruised. They prefered lies and mood music...."

J G Ballard
Kingdom Come


Sun, 04 March

the fog of war
what a mind melting film!


Thu, 22 February

global warming is an anti capitalist conspiracy?
yeah right

for people who prefer pseudo proof rather than the chilling reality of science,
for people who prefer the fantasy of conspiracies to watching the ice melting and feel the seas getting warmer
for people who would much rather find someone to blame

wakey wakey
rise and shine


"Why do I bother with these morons? Because they are destroying the movements which some of us have spent a long time trying to build. Those of us who believe that the crucial global issues – climate change, the Iraq war, nuclear proliferation, inequality – are insufficiently debated in parliament or congress; that corporate power stands too heavily on democracy; that war criminals, cheats and liars are not being held to account, have invested our efforts in movements outside the mainstream political process. These, we are now discovering, are peculiarly susceptible to this epidemic of gibberish.

The obvious corollorary to the belief that the Bush administration is all-powerful is that the rest of us are completely powerless. In fact it seems to me that the purpose of the “9/11 truth movement” is to be powerless. The omnipotence of the Bush regime is the coward’s fantasy, an excuse for inaction used by those who don’t have the stomach to engage in real political fights."


Sun, 18 February

a parrallel universe

this is only of interest if you ar e a Uk citizen apologees


Fri, 16 February

dump nuclear

nuclear power is not going to solve our problems now anymore than it has in the past.
it is only able to exist with heavy public subsidy, and a monumental turning a blind eye to the consequences by both our governments and us.
this is the nuclear industrys last ditch attempt to save itself from extinction.
much as the GM companies claim that they can save world hunger with modified foods the nuclear lobby claims to be able to solve our energy needs.
but its bullshit.

thats just what i think anyway.

Fri, 16 February

'Grave errors'
i just been reading this

staying at home
or going to the brit awards?


your choice here

"I never went to f****** university. I don’t know what a paint brush is, I never went to art school."

i did. it taught me to respect other artists.


Sat, 10 February

True to Form
gas leak dream.

in the garage i pull a bike out and it knocks the gas main conection.

i tried blocking it but every time i get near i cant speak. feel i am suffocating.

panic. family is inside. call the emergency. who is calling the emergency, am i?

feel i am suffocating. i stick a pencil in. a pen. the wrong end of a garden fork.

it still comes out and i have to run out of the garageunable to speak or scream.

i run to th eneighbors but semi collapse on the lawn trying to explain but nothing comes out.


once ive got my breath back i go back in.

rageing egos,
paranoia and
knives in the back
will not stop the rising tides,
they are in themselves a form of poison
hanging in the atmosphere.

Fri, 09 February

now that was a long and eventful week
and it ain over

wakey wakey
rise and shine
its on again off again on again
watch me fall like dominoes
in pretty patterns

Thu, 08 February

Doukutsu Monogatari

Freeware japanese game - five years in the making, and a work of art:

Read about it and get the english patcher here
(also at wikipedia entry for Doukutsu Monogatari):


Thu, 08 February

who could i be talking about?
he is entering his David icke phase..

Tue, 06 February, man, like, crazy.......

Tue, 06 February

Winter 07

Tue, 06 February

kingdom come

"The economy is rolling along an endless plateau, and consumers are bored with the view. Something strange is needed to get them to sit up."

"The consumerist society is a kind of soft police state. We think we have a choice, but everything is compulsory. We have to keep buying or we fail as citizens."

"The danger is that consumerism will need something close to fascism in order to keep growing."

"We're like bored children. We've been on holiday for too long, and we've been given too many presents."

from Kingdom Come by J G Ballard

Mon, 05 February

A happy find

Mon, 05 February

in the conversation pit no4

tied up in a bag
fighting like crabs
feet in cement
brains made of treacle
i move in slow drag
this way and that

Sun, 04 February

in the conversation pit no3
avoid all eye contact
do not react
this is a round up
this a low flying panic attack
red crosses o wooden doors
if she floats she burns
loose talk around tables
abandon all reason
stay in the shadows
cheer at the gallows
this is alow flying panic attack
six the song of sixpence that goes

burn the witch


Sat, 3 February

more 2lines

hurling through the forest
the dancing bodies kick up the dust

there's only 15stages
then a frozen lake

the sea comes out to meet
empty of it's fishes


Fri, 02 February

having just been elected in a landslide
this is just my mind
a way to keep time
clasping at straws
grabbing at branches

i was supposed to go and see arcade fire tonight
but its full moon
and i can;t feel the top of my head

i do no t understand

(m e n t a l)

do you find people hate you now?
all those years ago you mujst hav e thought yourself invincible.
oh but hate takes too much effort.
i am sorry for us.

Fri, 02 February

i have all the answers here in my pocket


Fri, 26 January

Solar Lunar Power Stations
No-one in the studio believed me yesterday, so here's the proof.....


Thu, 25 January

January 25th?
Cold, sunny and bright this week

Tue, 23 January

I love Adam
Jonny, 21 January


Fri, 19 January

back at werk
so we have staRTed up again had a good today
working on a version of 15step and rebuilding our studio
in the wind

and if you live in the uk there is this